Writer's Block: The Eternal Nocturnal Struggle
Vampires or werewolves?

Vampires are individuals in need of orthodonture who pursue antisocial behaviors.  Werewolves, on the other hand, are badasses.

Hell in Chinese traditional mythology
  • Di(falling)yu(falling): the underworld prison
  • Di(falling)fu(fallingrising): the underworld mansion
  • Yu(neutral)rang(fallingrising): the serene land
  •  a maze of underground levels and chambers where souls are taken to atone for earthly sins.
  • Yin(neutral)si(neutral) - the shady office
  • Related terms:
  • the bridge of helplessness
  • the home-viewing pavilion
  • the deep-frying wok
  • three tortures: to burn, to be chopped up, to be torn up by beasts
  • Ruled by 10 kings who judge you - some speak to 3-4 judges, others all 10.  Eighteen levels: wrongdoers sawn in half, thrown into pits of filth, or forced to climb blade-covered trees.
  • The King of Hell is Yan(rising)luo(rising).  He passes judgment on all dead, and his minion is a man with a book listing every soul and its death date.  The King of Hell is not a god but a soul who has been awarded the position for honesty.
  • There are also two fearsome guardians, Ox-Head and Horse-Face, who bring the dead to Yanluo.
  • Ti-Tsang Wang, God of Mercy, is a smiling monk who wanders the caverns of Hell illuminating his path with a shining pearl and toting a staff with metal rings chiming like bells.  Ti-Tsang Wang does all he can to help souls escape hell and achieve Nirvana, although he has renounced it himself.  Opposed to the 10 Kings in purpose.
  • Meng Po, Lady of Forgetfulness, collects herbs from various earthly ponds and streams to make the Five-Flavored Tea of Amnesia (aka the Bittersweet Broth of Oblivion) so that all memory of previous lives are lost
  • Family members often send Hell banknotes, or ming(rising)bi(falling), to their dead relatives.  Most Hell banknotes are in outrageous denominations - billions, 5 billions, 10 billions - and bear the image and signature of the Jade Emperor, and Yanluo's signature.
  • Hell's levels:
  • Chamber of Wind & Thunder: people who commit crimes of greed are punished
  • Chamber of Grinding: wealthy men who do no good and waste food are ground into powder
  • Chamber of Flames: people who steal, rob, plunder and cheat are burned
  • Chamber of Ice: ungrateful children are frozen in ice
  • Chamber of Oil Cauldrons: rapists, lechers and adulterers are fried in oil
  • Chamber of Dismemberment by Sawing: kidnappers and men who force women into prostitution are dismembered by sawing
  • Chamber of Dismemberment by Chariot: landlords and officials who oppress and exploit people are dismembered by chariot
  • Chamber of the Mountain of Knives: price jackers must climb the mountain of knives
  • Chamber of Tongue Ripping: gossips and liars have their tongues ripped out
  • Chamber of Pounding: cold-blooded murderers are pounded to death
  • Chamber of Torso-severing: scheming and ungrateful men get cut in half
  • Chamber of Scales: crooks who cheat on goods get hooks stuck through their body and are hung upside down
  • Chamber of Eye-gouging: peeping toms, leerers, and snoops have their eyeballs gouged out
  • Chamber of Heart-Digging: evil-hearted people have their hearts dug out
  • Chamber of Disembowelment: instigators, hypocrites and tomb-robbers have their bowels dug out
  • Chamber of Blood: blasphemous people who don't respect the gods are skinned
  • Chamber of Maggots: crooks who use legal loopholes are eaten alive by maggots
  • Chamber of Avici: committers of heinous crimes and people who betray the ruler are placed on a platform over an inferno, and as more and more people end up on the platform they get nudged into the inferno one by one, never to be reincarnated again
  • Avici is also the lowest level of Buddhist hell, Naraka, where those who have incurred near-infinite bad karma by committing one of five grave offenses (parricide/matricide; suicide; killing an arhat; shedding the blood of a buddha; or creating a schism within the community of Buddhist monks and nuns) must be reincarnated again and again for innumerable kalpas (eons)

what I've read, 2008
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Labyrinths - Jose Luis Borges
Are You Loathsome Tonight? - Poppy Z. Brite
Empathy - Sarah Schulman

Slaughterhouse Five - Kurt Vonnegut

Waiting - Ha Jin

Terror Dream: Fear and Fantasy in Post 9/11 America - Susan Faludi

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